Healing with
Light and Energy

Transformation for people, places and pets

Energy Work

First let's talk about People, then scroll down for information on Pets!


We all seem to have that one thing, that one area,  we just can't seem to change.


What's yours? Relationship, money, health, fear, career, guilt, or something else?

With more ease than you thought possible, energy work can open blocks, and transform limiting beliefs and self-talk. You'll see your life start to change in ways that haven't been available to you before.

Talk therapy can be very useful. But after a while, it can also keep you in a never ending loop of trying to figure things out to understand them. Unfortunately, talking about, or understanding, doesn't necessarily create the change you require.

You can google all the advice in the world, but if you could fix it with information or advice, you would have by now.


If you've tried traditional methods like advice, information, and talk therapy, but  you're still stuck, is it time to try something else?


That's where energy work can help make a difference.  It can move, shift and transform those areas that won't seem to budge with other more traditional methods. We often have blocks that stop the flow of energy in our body, this  slows down our own innate ability to heal.  When the flow of energy is restored,  healing resumes.

If you're ready to breakthrough those limiting beliefs or the self sabotaging behavior,  I would love to help.  With my innate ability to get to the energy underneath the issue, I shine light in dark areas, that you didn’t even know existed, then move the energy which allows the blocks to move.  When the blocks move, the changes bring sweet relief.

If it's finally time to release and transform those emotional, mental and physical issues that have been plaguing you for weeks or months or even years, reach out. If I’m not the one for you, that’s OK, but please reach out to someone for help, and allow yourself to move on with better, happier, healthier life.

If you are shy or if you have a private, or embarrassing issue, please don’t worry. I can use a technique that doesn’t require you to reveal secrets or discuss sensitive details.  This allows you to experience healing and freedom - without the need to bare your soul. 

Now let’s talk about your Pets

It's clear that your animals make you happy, but did you know how many studies there are of pets helping their owners heal and live longer!

One of the first studies was in 1980 showing that heart attack patients with pets, lived longer than those without.  Another study showed that petting your dog can reduce your blood pressure, and horses have become popular therapists for children with disabilities.

Your pets are taking good care of you, is there something you can do to take better care of them? 


Our pets physical issues are usually fairly obvious, and generally we take care of them immediately.  Please make sure they are also getting the help they may need with mental and emotional issues?

Animals respond quickly and with great results to energy work - particularly because they don’t have the resistance that we humans sometime have!



I am an energy worker based in Southern California.  I began my foray into energy work over 20 years ago, beginning as a hypnotherapist, then expanding into various types of energetics, healing methods, breathwork, Kundalini yoga, meditation and a vast exploration of various states of consciousness. 


I use my energetic and intuitive gifts in every session. I call upon my considerable knowledge of healing modalities and training, including: Unity Field Healing, Advanced Spaces Healing, Reconnective Healing, Sound Healing, Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, and Access Consciousness.


Significant change can happen in an instant, or may come days or even weeks after the session.


I work with animals, individuals and groups, both in person and via distance healing, to facilitate healing and renewal on an energetic level.


My clients, and their four-legged friends, are able to reclaim their well-being and restore  health, through the transformative experiences of energy work.

If you are interested, I would be honored to work with you and/or your pet.