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DAILY Boost for Massive Accelerate your Life

For those who love the Monthly - but want even greater acceleration of consciousness! This is for you! Offered around the world, and scheduled at various times to accommodate all participants.
DAILY Boost for Massive Accelerate your Life

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Email will be sent with all dates and times
Enjoy anywhere you are day or night

About the Event

Daily Frequency Boost 

I you enjoy the Monthly Frequency Boost, but are ready for more - sign up for the Daily Frequency Boost

For 15 minutes each day, I will do group sessions that immerse you in high frequency energy. You will be connected to others in the group, to the planet, and to high frequency universal energy.

Set your intentions, becasue anything is possible in these sessions!

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email with the dates and times of the sessions. Times will change to attempt to accomodate everyone around the globe.  

The sessions will be just as effective if you are in a quiet place connecting in at the time of the session, sleeping, grocery shopping, at work, etc. These are powerful energetic frequencies that don't require you to be still, but it helps if you are aware that a sesion is occuring. 

If you like, one of your intentions could be to ask your Higher Self to allow your being and body to receive the full the energetic frequency transmission, whether you are sleeping or awake, still or active.

The monthly fee covers your household, so your entire faimily and pets can participate. 

Remember to start watching for more synchronicities to show up in your life, and begin to follow them! You will also get new awarenesses in the area of your life you care most about.

If you are drawn to attune to these frequencies please sign up on this page. I deeply appreciate your participation in awakening your consciousness, which greatly assists in awakening consciousness the entire planet! Good for you!

It feeds my soul to hear what happens for you when you are immersed daily in these frequencies. Please drop me a note to share your experience at: Susan@EnergyWork.LA  (or use the contact form on this website)

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