Susan’s facilitation has caused some of the most profound and impactful openings and insights of my life.  Her wisdom and intuition are a gift to anyone who meets her. She pulls from an extensive arsenal that comes from years and years of an indefatigable search for consciousness and awareness. The blend of all that knowledge comes together in an outcome unique from anything else I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Susan!

Kate K.  Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you for working with my Fiancé. She could not stop talking about her session with you! She was able to process some negative feelings herself.  Later, at the hotel, we had a long deep, loving conversation that has brought us even closer together. You are an angel and a healer.

Larry G, San Diego, CA

I have been a client of Susan's for the past five years. I reach out to her whenever my life gets problematic, or a challenging situation comes up. She has a brilliant way of getting right to the heart of the matter. Her direct approach allows me to get back on track quickly. A session with Susan, brings me back to sanity, renews my energy, and causes noticeable relief in my mind and body. Susan is a gift to the planet.

Debra N.  Houston, TX

Our old but sweet Chocolate Lab, Lucy, certainly has her appetite back, she's been eating like crazy since our last session with you!  We both feel much better, and the best words I can come up with are that she, and I are more peaceful.  I wanted to let you know how much you have helped our family. It means so much to us and I feel blessed and thank you for it. Much love and gratitude to you.

Elizabeth H, Coto de Caza, CA