Unity Field Healing

Please do not choose this unless you are ready for true change!

  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars
  • Online or In Person

Service Description

Please do not choose this modality unless you are ready for true changes in your life. Sometimes we say we want a change in our life, but we’re really more comfortable in the challenges we know, then we are - stepping into the unknown. So please, be honest with yourself before choosing these sessions. There are other modalities that will allow you to take baby steps or slowly ease you into change, and I can help you with those as well. However, if you are truly ready move into the life you desire, to let go of the beliefs and limitations you’ve been holding on to, courageously allow your conscious and subconscious beliefs to be revealed, and released - then this is for you! The power of UFH can not only help heal your physical and emotional issues, but it can help you create anything new in your life, and change situations that you didn’t think could budge. More quickly that you can imagine, you will wake up happier and living the life you have been wanting for years. Is now the time? If you're struggling with the same problem you had a year ago, or five years ago, or for a lifetime then please consider that is a clear sign it's time to choose do what it takes to change the situation. A minimum of three session are required. The first two sessions are attunements that prepare your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies to uncover and release that which is not serving you. You cannot skip these, they are imperative for the big changes you are about to step into. The third session is where your intentions come to life. Once you’ve had the first and second session, there’s no need to repeat them. All future session will be all about creating and manifesting the beautiful life you desire. All sessions can be done remotely, or in person, if you are local to Southern California. Remote session are equally powerful to in person sessions.

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